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International Youth Day 2015 in Birgunj

International Youth Day 2015 in Birgunj

International Youth Day Celebration Date: 12th August, 2015 (Wednesday) Location: Maisthan, Birgunj   To mark the International Youth Day-2015, Sano Paila invited a host of locally active youth organizations and individuals. The chosen theme for the day was: “Our Commitment: Nation and Community Building through Youth Participation” This program was organized in solidarity with the[…]

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SANO PAILA (A Little Step)

Named for the idea that it often just takes "a little step" to serve one’s community...

Sano Paila (A Little Step) is a member-based, non-governmental, non-partisan organization working towards community development in the socially marginalized and impoverished regions of rural Nepal. Committed to redefining the development sector in Nepal, we take a bottom-up approach to development. We have a track record of diagnosing the most complex problems at grassroots level, conceiving innovative models to solve those problems, and effectively implementing programs by employing diverse and inclusive implementation teams. Our people are our assets, and the single biggest factor for our innovation and continual success in program implementation is our organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Mission Statement

“Building unified, self-reliant, and empowered communities to build the nation” Sano Paila aims to build unified, self-reliant & empowered communities in Nepal through sustainable development, rehabilitation and livelihood enhancement, peace-building, health improvement, and educational programs.

Founding Philosophy

“It is a true fact that we ourselves hold the key to social reform and are responsible for the overall development of our communities. We are truly devoted to the idea that as the power of spirit rises within, so does the desire to serve our communities. We constantly seek a comprehensive approach towards care for and advancement of the poor and disadvantaged, and acknowledge that the best means to reach our goal is a large heart, an open mind and innovation based on needs, best practices, and new technologies.”

Registrations and Affiliations

Sano Paila has acquired all registrations and affiliations required by the laws of the Government of Nepal. We are registered with the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance,District Administration Office (DAO) of Parsa, and Inland Tax Office of Birgunj, Parsa. We are affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Kathmandu and have full-membership to the NGO Federation, Parsa.


Kanchan Jha
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Kanchan founded Sano Paila (A Little Step) in 2006 with the aim of tackling the most complex problems in the socially marginalized and impoverished communities of rural Nepal. In 2009, the Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship, Hong Kong, honored him as a ‘Paragon 100 Fellow’ .
Prabhakar Pokharel
Head of Programs and Operations
Prabhakar joined Sano Paila in 2015. A keen follower of social and political change processes, he switched out of his banking career and chose to return to Parsa to serve his home district. As the Head of Programs and Operations, he oversees the implementation and ensures smooth operation of programs and projects of Sano Paila.
Subir Ghosh
Head of Communications
Subir joined Sano Paila in 2007. As the Head of Communications, he manages organization’s all major communication and outreach programs. He has strong skills in establishment and management of grassroots projects and has developed robust community relationships at the local level.
Kesahb Prasad Dhakal
Finance Consultant
Keshab joined Sano Paila in 2014. He supports budget formation and managing the financial management system within the organization. He has over 30 years of experience in management with an emphasis on accounting, finance, audit, budget, and treasury.
Arvind Singh
Public Affairs & Government Relations Consultant
Arvind is a Founding Advisor at Sano Paila, and took a new role as Public Affairs & Government Relations Consultant in 2014. He has a robust network in all spheres both at the local level and national level. He is also a Founding Advisor of Sanskriti – a junction for creative youths.
Raunak Raj Sarraf
Planning and Research Officer
Raunak joined Sano Paila in 2012 as Project Officer for Nepal TB Reach Wave 2 and Wave 3 Project and took a new role as Planning and Research Officer in 2015. Currently, he sees planning and implementation of different projects, develops strategy for effective implementation of the project activities. He has a keen interest in research activities and conducts research for new funding opportunities which in turn contributes to the development of Sano Paila\’s research strand. He is also a Founder Member of Human Alliance in Nepal for Disaster and Safety (HANDS).
Dipesh Gupta
Acting Chief Accountant
Ajit Rai
Program Manager: Action for Addiction (AFA)
Sujita Tamrakar
Program Manager: Sunischit Bhawisya
Sandeep Sada
Program Manager: Reintegration Monitoring and Evaluation

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