Sano Paila undertakes its programs based on community-wide approach ensuring equitable access to the benefits of resources. It mobilizes its expanding grassroots youth network to build positive connections among community residents based on mutual responsibility and ownership. Our youth development projects are transformative both for youth and communities.

We run a diverse range of programs that tackle a number of complex issues (issues often ignored by the government, private sector, and the state security system). Each of them has local reach, breadth and ownership targeted to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities. Since our establishment, we have tackled a number of complex issues to promote socio-economic progress in Nepal.

Special emphasis is placed on youth empowerment, drug rehabilitation, crime prevention and reformation, anti-trafficking and child protection, health improvement, educational initiatives, peacebuilding, livelihood enhancement and crisis response.


We generate awareness regarding ownership and a sense of belonging in community development efforts among local residents. Our unique community development model embodies youth activism and promotes diversity, inclusion, leadership, good citizenship, and positive thinking.


It is very encouraging to know that people and businesses that are at bottom of the economic pyramid are willing to help for the causes we believe in. More than donations, we are very proud that we have been able to instill a belief in people that we ourselves hold the key to social reform and are responsible for the overall development of our communities and our nation

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