2075 B.S. New Year’s Message

May We be a foundation stone for the marginalized and the poor

Life is like a mere calendar. Months change with every page; days change with every box; and weeks change with every row. Today’s box gets us thinking about tomorrow; the current page gets us thinking about next month; and every calendar reminds us of a new year.


These calendars are filled with efforts being made to fulfill the little aspirations of the hundreds of thousands of communities that are connected with Sano Paila, through actions that we can afford to take with the best knowledge we have, executed with integrity, selflessness, and hard work. Our happiness is connected with the smiles on their faces.


We are opposed to even the tiniest sufferings of the communities and breathe out fire every time such instances occur. It turns out that society’s self-proclaimed brokers and messiahs cannot take and withstand this.


This journey and this struggle is hard for many. But for us, this is our duty and this is our rite. We determine even our political ideology, contemplation, and belief based on the communities’ perspective. We are not leaders of any one party in particular. We are community leaders. This is our ideology. This is our contemplation.


Those who come here before every election with promises of development, prosperity, and happiness end up becoming dictators for backward and marginalized communities once they are elected, playing advocates for suffering, misery, poverty, and exploitation. Their plans are to bulldoze the very huts of these suffering populations. We serve as the voice of these victims. We are equipping them with a sense of new awareness.    


We have a dream that we will one day empower them by enshrining their rights in the constitution. We have a dream that a Dalit leader is one who is not just elected with vote from the Dalit community alone but also with vote from the upper-caste communities. We have a dream that no one is weak because of the language barrier or class discrimination, or due to inferiority complex relating to what one is wearing.


We have a dream that development and prosperity are defined by people’s needs instead of serving as backdoor channels for corruption and commission. We have a dream that every child will be dressed proudly in a school uniform and attend school in these plains with pride, that they will have access to quality education, and that they will become good citizens.


We have a dream that children won’t become laborers and that we won’t have hear about children falling victims to sexual perverts. We have a dream that our young people won’t fall into traps of crime or contract diseases due to drug indulgence because they are defeated by the state of poverty and unemployment. We have a dream that my city, my village, my province, and my country will become the best in the world — a sample for all.


Thank you Year 2074 — you taught us something before departing. Welcome Year 2075. We are firm and steadfast with regard to our dreams and hope we will have your support too. Otherwise, you will merely be a calendar for me, changing at the end of the year and just grinning on the wall, as a piece of paper — silent and lifeless.