Anju Chaudhary: Story of Empowerment

Anju Chaudhary                               
Sano Paila (Literacy For Nepal) Anju Chaudhary

Literacy for Nepal (LfN) is very proud of supporting Anju Chaudhary. Anju grew up in Nichuta, Parsa district, and belongs to the Tharu community, which is the indigenous community of Terai (plains of Nepal).

They speak Bhojpuri/Tharu and only very limited number of people from this community got education due to the language barrier, and also due to ethnic discrimination and poverty.  In her village there is no high school, so for further education the children have to go out of the village. But for most of the families, like for Anju’s family, it is financially not possible to send their children to the next city, to rent a room and additionally pay the school fees. LfN scholarship made it possible for Anju to study class 12 in Birgunj city and her results are very impressing. Anju is among the few students in Nichuta who secured 1st division marks in her School Leaving Certificate exams (SLC). She passed with 76 percent, and she was one of the only three who passed, out of 64 students. Her dream was to study nursing but her parents could not even think of paying her fees. LfN gives her the change to study CMA, a 15 month course in medical education. She now gets 91 percent in exams and is one of the best in her class. She’s a great example in her village and when she finishes her studies Anju wants to go back to her birthplace, to help her own community with her knowledge. The parents wanted her to get married, but together with Brijlal Chaudhary, the founder of LfN, she could convince the parents to wait and focus on education. A girl of the community, educated and independent, who can help her own community is an image, which will break the stereotype and give a lot of girls a huge motivation.

“When we talk about inclusive development of Nepal, girls like Anju need to attend school so that she can be integrated in the national development for a peaceful Nepal,” says Brijlal Chaudhary.

Anju now volunteers at Sano Paila’s Children Receiving Home for the children’s weekly health check-up.

Report by: Ronia Sengfelder (collected: February, 2015)