Appeal for Winter Relief in Terai-Madhesh

A little bit of warmth for Madhes
For Madhes, too, is in Nepal

It has been many days since the front pages of daily newspapers have been reporting on the number of lives lost because of the cold wave in Terai-Madhesh. Instead of providing winter relief packages in Terai, issuing press releases and directives is an old tactic of the state to drive away the cold wave.

Right now, impact of winter is much severe in the in the villages of Madhesh where thick blanket of cold waves grip the lives of millions of people. For the past few years, cold wave has become one of the major threats to the lives of locals residing the districts in Terai-Madhesh. The annual death toll and its impact on human lives have clearly proven the dangers posed by cold waves over the years. Most of the human casualties were reported from the districts in the Terai belt.

Even so, it must be said that discrimination is apparent when it comes to the state’s preparedness, at the implementation level, and in the expectations of support and cooperation. We have waited too long. We no longer have the courage to allow people’s lives to be sacrificed to the cold wave. Madhes, too, lies in this country. Therefore, we have decided to launch a ‘Let’s Share Warmth’ campaign.

Our grateful thanks to a number of friends and organizations. Some of the Madhes families have had access to relief materials because of their active intervention. Citizens must support the state in executing its duties and responsibilities. But even when citizen support exists, the state has failed to be with the people. This reality is there. 

Through the Winter Relief 2018 campaign, initiated under the leadership of Sano Paila, you will be able to provide a donation–individually as well as institutionally–in cash or in kind to the ‘A little bit of warmth for Madhes, For Madhes, too, is in Nepal’ campaign. In coordination with Sano Paila and the community, we will share the warmth  by distributing winter relief packages, exactly as it was received from you, with the families that are in need of that warmth.

For the first phase of this campaign, with the generous support from SEBS (Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students), we will distribute winter relief packages to flood-affected families in Mahottari and Rautahat on Friday January 12, 2018. Having lost their homes because of the monsoon floods, these families have been hit the hardest by the cold wave.

We also plan to provide young children in cold wave affected schools with ‘gift bags of warmth’  each containing a pair of shoes and socks, woolen inner trousers, woolen hat, and gloves.

If you would like to support our campaign:

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Gift us online at Give2Asia:-  Gift us online at Give2Asia