Asha’s Story: A Long Road Home

Asha is an eighteen year old girl at Sano Paila’s Children Receiving Home (CRH). She is from one of the rural districts of Western Nepal and is an orphan having an only sister who is married. Initially she was residing at one other children’s shelter in Kathmandu. On 26th February 2014, Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) Lalitpur, District Child Welfare Board (DCWB) Kathmandu, and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Lalitpur jointly rescued her along with 33 other children from that specific children’s shelter. Later three children who were sent to Pokhara from the shelter for domestic labor and also seven other children from different locations within Kathmandu valley were also rescued. Their temporary responsibility was transferred to Sano Paila and she was received at SP’s Children Receiving Home (CRH) situated in Taukhel, Lalitpur ,which has now been shifted to Birta-4, Birgunj.

Asha was sent for domestic work from the shelter where she had undergone mental and physical abuses. She is a quiet person, seeking isolation. Asha received special attention from the counsellor to help her cope with her past. She was provided a nurturing environment with assurance of basic needs, nutrition, health services and proper education in her stay at CRH. She says she is very thankful to SP’s Children Receiving Home for changing her life. She feels very safe and secure now, and also learned better cooking and social skills.

Asha’s married sister has been traced who had shown interest in accepting her, so SP’s Reintegration team has very recently carried out the reintegration procedure of Asha who was both very eager to go back to her family and sad at the prospect of having to leave CRH and  other kids. After all the legal procedures in place, she was reintegrated and handed over to her sister and brother-in-law on 10th Oct 2015 with a happy and smiling face saying “ I will miss CRH and everybody here so much, we will keep in touch”.

Asha is now living with her sister and brother-in-law, all set to enjoy a family reunion this Dashain. Our Reintegration Officer will be monitoring her regularly for her adjustment there.

CRH now has five kids, with 59 kids already reintegrated with their families.

(Name changed to maintain confidentiality)