Better World Events- Pilot Program in Birgunj

Better World Events in Birgunj

Sano Paila, along with Sanskriti, helped to organize a pilot event for Better World Events  on 6th November, 2015 at Action for Addiction (AFA).

Better World Events is an event series in impoverished communities around the world. The events are designed to encourage people living in these communities to share their big ideas on how to make their world a better place. The topics of the ideas are not restricted and may range from science and technology to healthcare, education and culture – and beyond.

The pilot event of the NGO Better World Events was improvised to recording the essence of the event: local people pitching their ideas on how to make their world a better place, with AFA members as audience. Kanchan Jha, CEO of Sano Paila, was the featured speaker.

These recorded pitches will be shown at the TBLI Conference on sustainable investment in two weeks in Zurich, Switzerland. The people attending this conference are the core audience for the pitches: investors with an interest in social matters.

Better World Events’ mission is to solve problems in impoverished communities around the world by giving a platform to any person with a big idea and introducing them to potential partner organizations seeking solutions.

Here’s our list of speakers:

S.N. Name of speaker Affiliation
1 Kanchan Jha (Featured Speaker) Sano Paila
2 Ajit Rai AFA
3 Jaya Sah District Child Club Network-Parsa
4 Saroj Chaurasiya UNDP
5 Binay Shrestha AFA
6 Raj Kumar Tamang AFA
7 Deep Kr. Verma AFA
8 Raunak Raj Sarraf Sano Paila
9 Anju Chaudhary Sano Paila