The Stop Child Labour, Child Protection and Child Club Capacity Development project under Child-Friendly Local Governance of Birgunj Sub-metropolitan City, supported by UNICEF, was launched in August 2016. Since its inception, it has become one of the foremost and impactful projects for Sano Paila.

We connect with existing actors to intervene and repatriate children from vulnerable, abusive and exploitative conditions. Within the framework of Child Friendly Local Governance, the mission is to implement a citywide action plan towards the prevention and progressive elimination of child labor in Birgunj.

Through this project, we are transforming the lives of child labourers, their families, and communities, towards their sense of self-worth, empowerment and development.

In the first quarter, Sano Paila implemented various activities to minimize child labourers in Birgunj sub-metropolitan. A total of 53 children were identified and rescued from working in worst forms and conditions of child labor.

Rescued children were provided with transitional care, which included medical assessments, psychosocial counseling, nutritional support and were reunited/reintegrated with their families and communities.

The reintegrated children are being supported with schooling, vocational and literacy training in their communities, and many of their family members are provided support for income-generating activities.

Sano Paila provides child labourers with a comprehensive package of protection, education, socio-economic and legal support.

As an implementing agency, one of our key objectives is to promote access to quality education for children and to raise awareness of the need to eliminate child labor. It’s a gradual process and we therefore have a long-term vision and approach.

Child labor often occurs because of a lack of awareness and an ignorance of the risks. That’s why Sano Paila works collaboratively with local communities to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of child labor and abuse, to help improve access to education, and to improve the local child protection system.

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