Literacy for Nepal: Strides

Making Education Possible

DiyanshuDiyanshu, who is now eleven, got two years of support by LfN. Her father, Deepak Shrestha is one of the founders of this non-governmental and non-profit organization, but the income as social activist was not enough to provide a proper education for the children and therefore LfN (connected with the NGO Sano Paila) supports his daughter, Diyanshu. Because Diyanshu’s grandfather died recently her father had the financial responsibility for the whole family on his own shoulders. He had to earn proper money and quitted the volunteer work in the social organization to get income through a small shop. Now he can afford the education for his two children on his own. Diyanshu has quite good marks and furthermore, she has different talents next to her school. She holds a strong interest in cricket but above all, she loves classical indian dance and has already performed several shows in her school, festivals and cultural events.

The first year she got 50% support and the second year 100 % Scholarship for higher secondary school. Since almost two years she is living in Kathmandu for better education, and she stays in a hostel. Through the Sano Paila network she gets 50 % off the fees in Kathmandu now.

Report by: Ronia Sengfelder (Feb 2015)