Action against Addiction & Crime

Sano Paila’s first program established in 2007, is the Action against Addiction & Crime (AAC).

AAC is a community supported initiative through which we have been serving local youth affected by drugs and crime through awareness, rehabilitation and support services in the rapidly growing communities of the Terai-Madhesh region of Nepal, including cross border districts.

With residential rehabilitation and treatment centres, known as School of Recovery & Reformation in Birgunj and Janakpur, Sano Paila provides drug recovery, support and rehabilitative services, including crime prevention among at-risk youth.

The community-based program is run by a network of former drug users and ex-convicts and over 60 percent of the funds are generated locally. The centres also deliver support and rehabilitation services to People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) & PWID living with HIV.

Many of these young men were treated as “outcasts” and labeled as “criminals” by society, and sometimes by their own friends and families. In a way, they were dehumanised because they had problems with drugs and committed petty crimes.


The heart of AAC program is the principle of natural healing that encourages young people affected by drugs and crime to enroll in our program and become a role model in their community.

Building on evidence-based drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation methods, we have combined a unique set of therapeutic and holistic techniques to ensure that each individual’s interest is sparked and that they are motivated to engage in their recovery.


Know the story of Bhaju Patel and other youths who have renounced their murky past of criminality driven by political illusions, and are actively involved in peacebuilding activities. 

Through AAC, Sano Paila also disseminates information to prevent and address injection-based drug abuse and HIV transmission. Our recovered clients (former drug users) work as peer educators, providing peer led education and behaviour change communication skills to at-risk youth.

Likewise, parents and key influencers of youth are encouraged to continue their healthy actions and prevent future drug and crime related problems.

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