Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative

Sano Paila, in partnership with Joan B Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego, USA, has been working to overcome social distrust and the legacies of conflict and political discord.

Our programs play a role in peacefully resolving tensions and overcoming roadblocks from history and recent confrontations. Our initiatives engage communities long struggling with armed groups or powerless civil society in peacebuilding efforts, dialogue and negotiations.

Since 2010, separately, and collaboratively, we have been responding to requests from women, youth, the broader civil society, as well as political, professional and, more recently, security leadership for assistance with challenges they are facing.

Through Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative (NPI), we have offered programs that develop skills for more cohesive, competent and democratic problem solving that can be used for conflict mitigation and for individuals’ movement toward emotional and economic recovery.

This project paves the way to have willing voices from all segments of the Nepali society collaborate more substantially to overcome self-serving, narrow interests, and the distractions of those who have lost sight of the goal of a truly national, inclusive, more democratic Nepal.

Through roundtables, educational programs and skills training in seven districts, participants in our interactions have explored how to solve complex issues confronting them personally or as part of a community and nation.