Press Release: Maintain confidentiality of victims and punish alleged perpetrators

Maintain confidentiality of victims and punish alleged perpetrators

Birgunj, March 20, 2018 – Children, girls, and women who are victims of rape go through immediate and severe mental stress. Their immediate needs are appropriate treatment and counseling. The constitution contains clear directions that names, addresses, and photographs of such victims must be kept confidential except for the purposes of investigation.

An observational study conducted by Sano Paila concludes that we are not too concerned about the confidentiality and social future of the victims of such cases that are repeating one after another in Parsa. Rather than providing proper treatment and counseling for the victims, it has been found in some of the recent cases that police officers and as well as media workers and political leadership have been asking them unnecessary questions and attempting to take photographs of them.

Sano Paila openly opposes and expresses its serious objection to such incidents and tendencies. Sano Paila wishes to collaborate with all individuals, groups, and organizations that have a social obligation to work for the prevention of such incidents that have increased in various locations in Province 2, including Parsa. Sano Paila also appeals everyone to participate in open debates and series of protests for the security of children, girls, and women who remain vulnerable.

We wish to inform you that after the incident that occurred in one of the municipalities in Parsa on Wednesday, Sano Paila did all it could for the treatment, counseling, and immediate relief for the child victim. We would also like to inform everyone that our campaign will continue in support of the victim so she can have access to proper justice and compensation.

Again on Thursday, a girl in a rural area of Dhanusa became a victim of gang rape. Similar situations exist in other districts of Province 2 as well. It has now become evident that communities and society need to make concerted efforts to move forward in order to combat this social disease. We express our full solidarity with the “Save Daughters, Educate Daughters” campaign initiated by Province 2 Government. But we also feel that we need to educate our sons to save our daughters. We need to educate our sons at homes and in schools to value and respect women and girls, take responsibility for the increasing violence against girls, and respect girls’ rights to their own bodies.  

We appeal to everyone to become aware of the social impact of such incidents occurring day to day, to remain alert, and to organize campaigns to protest against these acts, raise public awareness and educate our sons. Thank you.

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