Press Release: Make public high-level investigation commission’s report

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Kathmandu, January 8, 2018 – Sano Paila appeals for making public of the report by a commission formed with authority to investigate the reason for violence and damage caused as a result of the clashes between the state and demonstrators that occurred in the various Terai-Madhes districts in the course of the third Madhes Movement, and to recommend solutions as well as prosecution of perpetrators.

Studies and observations by various independent bodies have confirmed that the state has used force as well as violating human rights during the political movements in the Madhes. A study undertaken by Sano Paila demonstrates that members of the Tharu minority became victims of excessive force during violence in the Tikapur movement.

The investigation commission formed under the coordination of former Supreme Court Justice Girish Chandra Lal has been submitted to the government. It is Sano Paila’s understanding that incidents of violence are recurring because suggestions offered by such reports as well as recommendations made for prosecution are not implemented and the required mechanisms are not instituted. The commission’s 700-page report includes suggestions for improvement. Sarfulla Ansari, Sano Paila’s Joint-Spokesperson and Pro Law’s member, who is an active campaigner of the right to information, filed an RTI application asking the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers for the report on December 27, 2017. We would like to inform everyone concerned that Sano Paila stands with him on this issue and offers its full support.

“In these incidents there were issues of direct concern to the people,” said Ansari. “The people should be able to read the report prepared by the commission formed for this purpose. I have submitted a petition to ensure the people’s right to know whether or not the recommendations have been implemented.” Sano Paila’s Founder Kanchan Jha said, “Such reports should be made public by the government in the first place, and it’s regretful that the citizens should have to use their right to information to make that happen.”

Retired Nepal Police AIG Nawaraj Dhakal, retired National Investigation Bureau DIG Sukh Chandra Jha, former Deputy Attorney-General Surya Koirala and law practitioner Suraj Dahal served as members to the commission. The under secretary of the Home Ministry’s Peace and Security Division functioned as the commission’s member-secretary.

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