Press Release: The country is the same even after federalism — Province 2 Youth

For Immediate Release

Birgunj, August 18, 2018 — The youth have complained that the desire and optimism for radical change that would be brought about in the country through the implementation of federalism has already turned into disappointment. The youth of Parsa and Bara in Province 2 have complained that the local and provincial governments formed in accordance with the new federal structure have failed to serve as the government in their ‘front yard.’

Assembling in Birgunj, the youth from various municipalities and rural municipalities of Parsa and Bara said that corruption, delays, and irregularities have gone up further. They added that the local and provincial governments have not paid attention to developing plans, resolving unemployment issues, and controlling inflation in a manner that suits the land. They emphasized that the policies of the federal, provincial, and local governments need to be youth-friendly.


The Youth Assembly entitled ‘Post Federalism and Political Culture in Nepal’ was organized by Sano Paila and Brock University. Political analyst and acclaimed speaker/columnist CK Lal provided the youth with thematic information and taught a class to educate them about their role. Stating that the youth could play an important role to contribute to the success of federalism, Professor Lal emphasized that they be prepared to take up such a role. Keynote speaker Lal said that Nepal’s political culture is based on the “Yes” and “Of course it can happen” tendencies and, therefore, there is no reason to be disappointed yet. He pointed out the need for the new generation to be able to take up a leadership role so they can bring an end to such a culture and create an enabling environment, in which everyone would work with willingness.


At the Youth Assembly, topic and ethics of the research on youth, conducted by Prof. Dr. Tom O’Neal from Brock University, was discussed.  As Prof. O’Neal has been conducting research in Nepal since the 1990s, his research is based on this country and its citizens. The subject of his research relates to the involvement of Nepali youth in politics. Nepali youth activists and leaders Brabim Kumar, Pradip Pariyar, Samrat Katwal, Nabin Maharjan, Kalawati Rai, Bijay Poudel, and Kanchan Jha have supported the research.


After transitioning to federalism, the youth can guide the local, provincial, and federal governments in their area, working in collaboration with civil society.  They can play a supportive role to end corruption and irregularities that take place at the local level.  Likewise, they can work closely with the government to draw the roadmap of development.  Kanchan Jha, Founder Chairman of Sano Paila, stated that this was also the reason behind organizing the Youth Assembly.