Project Jeevika: Improving Livelihoods of Earthquake Victims

After the massive earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, we were able to respond first to relief and support operation in Sirandada, Gorkha. And our work continues today to help people get back on their feet and transform their lives. What distinguishes us is the fact that we inspire people to tackle complicated problems with local solutions that ensures a degree of sustainability built into the project.

Since June, 2016 Sano Paila, in collaboration with Samaanta Foundation, and the community of Sirandada, Gorkha launched “Jeevika -Empowerment & Livelihood” program, focusing on income generation (beekeeping) support and construction of zero-energy cold chamber to store high-valued niche agricultural products. Alongside, masons training on earthquake resistant building construction to enhance the capacity and skills of locals is also a major component of the project.

The Impact

Families & Households benefitting

People Trained as fulltime Bee Keepers

Bee Hives Distributed and Installed


Logical Framework of Project Jeevika


Summary of Expenses