Ruby’s Struggle into Independence

Ruby MehtaLfNRuby Kumari Mehta was born and grown up in the village Deva Community Dhorey. A village near by Pakaha, where she went to school. She was a talented student, but her family is living only from agriculture for self-sustenance, and couldn’t even afford to send her to the recently established +2 course of Pakaha School.  Through Sano Paila and LfN she got a scholarship for class 12,which is around Rs. 5000 per year and furthermore she was given 100% of the fees for the first year of college and additionally half of the hostel fee was covered. Rubi studies Commerce right now and is pretty much encouraged to do her Masters in Business Studies. She is living with her brother together in Birgunj now. Rubi is not married and she says that education for girls is very important, because their marriage is delayed like in her case. In the Terai it is simple like that: as a girl if you aren’t studying, you’re married off. Rubi is very hardworking, after studies in the morning she is working as an accountant 8 hours every day.  Now she can already pay the fees by her own, she lives a very independent life and wants to stay in Birgunj. She wants to work in a bank, and already has an opportunity, from 900 she is one of 40 selected at the place she applied for.

The support of Sano Paila was just at the beginning, she is very thankful that she made her way out of the village and knows that she is able to live her own live and make own decisions.

Report by: Ronia Sengfelder (collected February, 2015)