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Institute for Peace and Justice: Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative

Sano Paila is IPJ’s local partner.

(2 Feb, 2016)

Circus Kathmandu: “Nepalese children can easily be exploited in India and elsewhere. They cannot complain as they don’t know the local language and can’t run away anywhere because it’s a new place and far away from home,” says Shailaja CM, who works at a non-profit group in Kathmandu called Sano Paila.
(24 June 2014)

Freedom Matters is the charity that instigated the inquiry into Happy Home. Freedom Matters funded Sano Paila’s anti-child trafficking works.
(27 May 2014)

An extract from a UK TV report “The Orphan Business” shown in November 2013. UK charity Freedom Matters and its implementing partner Nepal NGO Sano Paila have been working on this issue since mid 2013 and collaborated with the program makers.
(20 Feb, 2014)

Nepal: Escaping the Orphanage: Why perpetuate a system that institutionalizes children who should be encouraged to stay with their wider family in most cases even if they are orphans?

Rescued Nepalis find new life in Circus: “Some young girls are forced to carry out private performances to groups of men,” according to Shailaja CM, who works for non-profit group Sano Paila and has carried out dozens of raids on Indian circuses since 2004.
(17 July 2013)

Birgunj: Nepal’s Drug Capital
(25 May 2010, Aljazeera English)



Sano-Paila also used the application: Disaster Reporting, launched by ICIMOD and Kathmandu University, in Ward 14 of Bhaktapur Municipality.
(10 June 2015)

Sano Paila helps in earthquake relief/ rehabilitation.
(1 May 2015, Nepali Relief Information Portal)

‘Nepal’s Top 50 Youth Organizations’ 2015: Sano Paila (A Little Step), Parsa.

(6 April 2015)

Sano Paila tried to get permission from the National Human Rights Commission and CCWB to rescue and rehabilitate the remaining children from Happy Home.,1277
(11-17 April 2014, Nepali Times)

“Sano Paila had been pushing the CIB to carry out a raid at the orphanage [Happy Home] since a few months”
(15 Feb 2014 Kathmandu, Republica)

Coverage on Sano Paila’s project Circus Kathmandu that was funded by UK-based charity called Freedom Matters
(26 June 2013, Friday Weekly Spotlight)

Kanchan Jha, CEO of Sano Paila, in “Future Leaders with Santosh Sah” : Discussions on the issues of drug-trafficking and drug-cultivation, development in the grassroots, sustainable development, corruption in the development sectors, & dedication of youths to work for the betterment of one’s nation
(20 Dec 2011)

Local Media

Prateek Daily has covered Sano Paila’s Press Release on Condemning Shootings on Children and Other Human Rights Violations.

(13 Sep 2015)

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