“Schoolbags – A Gift of Education”

This season of school admissions is in reality a disheartening time for the children of the deprived and backward communities in the Terai-Madhes. Although schools and government officials have accelerated school admission campaigns, the lack of necessary educational materials for the children means that their desire to go to school has only become a matter of disappointment. 

The children from economically deprived families do not want to go to school barefoot in the intense Terai-Madhes heat, with the appropriate school uniform and educational materials lacking. Therefore, we are routinely faced with the reality whereby school admission campaigns are not effective.

Targeted against this annual affair of disappointment, Sano Paila has introduced during the season of school admissions a campaign, whose title translates into English as “Right to education is everyone’s common right; small support and effort will build a basis for all.”

Under this campaign, you will be able to donate “Schoolbags – a gift of education” filled with shoes and socks, flip-flops, school uniforms, text books, water bottle, exercise copies and stationary materials for young children.

Any support received from you will be distributed by Sano Paila, as necessary, to the children of the deprived Dalit communities from the eight districts in Province 2. Sano Paila will bear all transportation and distribution costs during this campaign. 

Fill the bag and make returning to school a little easier for students. Your gift will make returning to school a little easier for students in our community.

If you would like to make a contribution, please contact one of Sano Paila’s offices in Birgunj, Janakpur, or Sanepa, Lalitpur.

Gift us online via Give2Asia:-  GIFT/DONATE


Jay Sah, Birgunj on 9814213130

Rahul Jha, Janakpurdham on 9860979351

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