TB Reach Wave 3: TB Diagnosed in Three Generations (A Case Study)

Intensified Early and Increased TB Case detection amongst children (0-14) years

During contact tracing in Harpatgunj 2 (Parsa District), our volunteers encountered a 26 year old farmer who is a TB patient and is taking medications from DOTS Center at Sirisiya Health Post, Parsa District. He is living with his wife and their three kids. Our volunteers found out that he lives under the national poverty line and works as an agricultural laborer. Our volunteers also found that, his father was diagnosed with TB and had died during the treatment.

With all this background information, our volunteers screened his family and found that his six year old son had cough and fever for more than 3 weeks and it was getting worse during the evening with mild fever. The parents told our volunteers that when their son coughed, they felt as if he was going to cough his lungs out which scared them.

The child’s father had informed us that this symptom began to develop a month ago. “Our son had mild cough and fever in the beginning and I got medicine from the village medicine shop. When our son took the medicine, he felt good and the symptom disappeared, but when the dose was over, the symptom came back again” added his father.

As per the TB screening form, our volunteers collected three samples of sputum from the TB symptomatic child and was referred to microscopic center at Narayani Sub Regional Hospital in Birgunj for TB test. The sputum smear examination result revealed 4 AFB count in first 2 samples, confirming that the child had TB (see DOTS TB Registration No: 43  Sirisiya Health Post, Parsa District).

“This is a one in million case, a 6 year old child having sputum smear positive” quoted by Dr. Shailesh Thakur, Pediatrician of Narayani Sub-Regional Hospital.

Now the child is under DOTS Center at Sirisiya Health Post, Parsa District. Additionally, the child and his family were provided with basic health education regarding TB and were encouraged to provide nutritious diet in order for the child to overcome the disease.

Sano Paila, in partnership with Friends Affected and Infected Together in Hand (FAITH)  facilitated successful implementation of TB Reach Wave – 3 (2013) Project activities, which involved intensified case finding through contact tracing in the community level in order to reduce the morbidity of TB and its further spread in Bara and Parsa districts.

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