Our Impact

A Decade of Growing Our Impact: 2006-2016

It started with a simple yet powerful idea; it often just takes “a little step” to serve our communities and induce change.

Ten years ago, Sano Paila began at a time when the first Terai-Madhes movement in Nepal was just coming together and the region was witnessing a socio-political turmoil.

This served as the catalyst for forming an organization to initiate a grassroots movement that would inspire disadvantaged communities and engage them through education, youth volunteerism and grassroots organising to tackle complicated problems with home grown local solutions.

We believe that we ourselves hold the key to social reform and are responsible for the overall development of our communities. Our history of community development and collaboration is a decade long journey about people from all walks of life coming together to induce change and serve their communities.

Sano Paila displays innovation and employs diverse and inclusive implementation teams to enhance and promote the voices of the community, with a strong emphasis on youth. Since our establishment, we have tackled a number of complex issues to promote socio-economic progress in Nepal.

Special emphasis is placed on youth empowerment, drug rehabilitation, crime prevention and reformation, anti-trafficking and child protection, educational initiatives, peacebuilding, livelihood enhancement and crisis response.

As we conclude our 10th year, we are delighted to share our Community Impact Report: 2006-2016 that highlights our achievements, innovations and the growing impact of our work in communities. This report showcases the results of our programs, projects and partnerships over the last decade.

During our ten years of existence, we have had remarkable successes and inspiring challenges for going beyond the borderline to integrate disenfranchised communities into the life of the nation and empower them to contribute fully for the sustainable development of Nepal. The biggest reward for us has been the overwhelming acceptance by the communities we work in.

As an organization, we are going to use our 10th year to build on our strengths and to forge exciting new directions, enabling us to be more strategic and creative in our approaches, more evidence-based and more rigorous in our implementation.

We appreciate all you did in helping us to grow and serve and serve our local communities. We continue to need your support and encouragement now and in the future, as we keep transforming lives and give hope to communities in need.

Join us in building communities to build the nation.



Kanchan Jha
Chief Executive Officer & Founder