Youth Community Services Center

Youth Community Services Centre (YCSC) is a Sano Paila forum established in 2009 to facilitate connections between the youth and community, providing a credible, effective, rewarding avenue for community service for the youths.

YCSC considers the free time, energy, drive, and frustration of local youths to be resources rather than obstacles.

We work with, and develop skill sets for, disadvantaged and at-risk youth, including former drug users and ex-convicts, enhancing their knowledge, perspectives and understanding of the cultural and social variables in the community.

Over the years, we have developed a strong network of nearly 500 Local Youth Volunteers (LYVs) in eight districts of central and eastern Terai-Madhesh region, who are mobilized at the grassroots-level to disseminate information on drug issues, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, peace-building, and crime prevention.

The following are also the major ongoing activities/campaigns of the YCSC: